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In Dead of Winter, the long drawn out moans of the deceased or the grumbling of a stomach long been empty are both equally as dangerous. Players are in charge of looking after their own band of survivors, ensuring none get left behind for the dead and the colony grows and thrives in the harshest conditions. But watch out, not every player and their survivors are working towards the same goal, so it is up to you to win the game and ensure your survival. No two games are ever the same in the Dead of Winter board game, so try your hand at this multiplayer survival dice game today and see how you fare. In this multiplayer board game, players are assigned their own band of survivors, each unique with their own personalities and characteristics, and together you must do your best to build your colony and survive. But where every player has their own unique objective, not everyone is totally against the downfall of the group. Each player has their own band of unique survivors which are represented with their own information cards and cardboard standees. The shared goal of the game is to survive and build your colony, but with each player having their own unique objective, not all benign, the game can get tricky trying to decide who you should trust. Do you have what it takes to survive Dead of Winter? Add the Dead of Winter board game to your collection today, and embark on a tense game of survival with your friends.