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Uncover thrilling new ways to enjoy your favourite franchise with the Yu-Gi-Oh! Battle of Chaos release at Magic Madhouse. Released in 2022, the Yu-Gi-Oh! Battle of Chaos collection features an array of exciting new cards to experience – and with them, new strategies, playstyles and themes. As well as new cards, Yu-Gi-Oh! Battle of Chaos also gives new life to popular classic cards, allowing players to uncover exhilarating new routes to victory like never before. Our collection of Yu-Gi-Oh! Battle of Chaos cards at Magic Madhouse has something for every collector. Shop starlight, super and ultra-rare singles, as well as Battle of Chaos booster packs and the Battle of Chaos booster box. Looking for more Yu-Gi-Oh! battles? We stock a range of collections, featuring singles and packs to suit every playstyle. You can shop all of your Yu-Gi-Oh! needs at Magic Madhouse.