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At Magic Madhouse we’ve been in the trading card industry for a while, and as avid players of TCG we understand the importance a collection means to a person! Finding that one card you’ve been waiting for to complete your collection, or starting a complete new one when a latest set comes out, which is why we have a huge collection of Magic: The Gathering, Pokemon & Yu-Gi-Oh!, to name a few, of sets of trading cards available. Yu-Gi-Oh! is certainly one of the biggest TCG in the world, shadowed only by Pokemon and M: TG. The latest set from Yu-Gi-Oh!, released February 2016, is Breakers of Shadow, and with a collection of singles, booster packs and booster boxes readily available at Magic Madhouse start off your new collection today! Breakers of Shadow is the latest official card set in the Yu-Gi-Oh! series. The seventh set in the OCG’s ninth series, Breakers of Shadow boasts a selection of new monster cards for you to add to your collection, so if you’re a novice just starting out, or a season Yu-Gi-Oh! player, the Breaker of Shadow set has a selection of cards suited for all. Introducing new cards from the hit Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V TV series, and trading cards which work with the ‘Masters of Pendulum’ set you can build your arsenal of trading cards to get ready for battle of as part of your immaculate collection. Why not also check out previous Yu-Gi-Oh! sets Dimension of Chaos and Master of Pendulum.