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Lace your deck with power and mystery with the Brothers of Legend Yu-Gi-Oh! collection at Magic Madhouse. Featuring 60 never-seen-before cards as well as 30 returning cards, the Brothers of Legend Yu-Gi-Oh! collection is the perfect choice for any player looking to maximise their potential and defeat their opponents. Summon your monsters and dominate the playing field with an exciting host of secret, starlight, and ultra rare cards. Or, if you’re looking to experience the very best of Brothers of Legend, shop the Booster Box and discover thrilling new ways to power up your deck. At Magic Madhouse, the complete Yu-Gi-Oh! Brothers of Legend card list is available for you to shop, so you can pick and choose cards to your heart’s content and build up an unrivalled deck to suit your unique playstyle. Looking to explore more of the Yu-Gi-Oh! universe? We have an entire range of Yu-Gi-Oh! sets for you to explore. Discover some of the brand’s most influential characters, spells and traps from a range of releases - all available to shop online today at Magic Madhouse.