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Circuit Break follows Code of the Duelist as the 2nd release of the 10th series of YuGiOh’s trading card game, and features 80 cards in the OCG & 100 in the TCG. YuGiOh Circuit Break features cards used by powerful duelists from VRAINS, and also includes the first support for the Metaphys archetype. The Circuit Break set introduces four new archetypes to proceedings, and players will get the chance to master - Altergeist, mythical spellcaster monsters with a cybernetic appearance which will cycle between the playing field and graveyard; Crawler, insect monsters with a focus on flip effects; official support for Metaphys, LIGHT Wyrm monsters which gain an advantage after being banished, and rokket, DARK Dragon monsters with a plethora of devastating effects which can see them both destroy and replace themselves. With these four exciting archetypes to keep in mind when thinking about preparing for competitive play, it’s crucial that you’ve got the cards to build a versatile and potent deck. To help with this, Magic Madhouse stock Circuit Break booster packs to allow you to quickly accumulate cards from this set, as well as Circuit Break single cards at competitive online prices.