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Dive headfirst into the heart-pounding action of YGO Speed Duel GX: Duelist of Shadows, the long-awaited and eagerly anticipated addition to the Yu-Gi-Oh! Speed Duel series. Set within the mysterious corridors of Duel Academy, this game-changing expansion unites the formidable Shadow Riders with the darkest adversaries from the iconic Yu-Gi-Oh! GX animated series. Together, they forge an alliance to spread chaos and awaken the awe-inspiring Sacred Beasts. The Duelist of Shadows set brings an unprecedented level of excitement to the YGO Speed Duel format. Delve into the dark side of the Duel Academy narrative as you confront formidable adversaries and unlock the cataclysmic power of the Sacred Beasts. Command their raw strength and dominate the arena with groundbreaking strategies and game-altering tactics. This collection is a true treasure trove of over 200 cards, including new Skill and Secret Rare cards, designed to power up your Decks and turn the tide of battle. Perfect for both novices and experienced duelists, this captivating assortment is designed to ignite your passion for the game and refine your skills on the battlefield. Experience the adrenaline rush of intense duels and unravel the secrets of the Shadow Riders as you strategise your way to victory. Unlock the hidden potential of the dark side and master the unstoppable forces of evil with our YGO Speed Duel GX: Duelist of Shadows collection. Are you ready to embrace the darkness and carve your path to ultimate duelling mastery? Step into the shadows at Magic Madhouse and find out today!