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Keep your treasured Pokemon cards in pristine condition by storing them safely in one of the many Pokemon card albums and dedicated Pokémon card binders available here at Magic Madhouse, designed to protect individual cards whilst also providing a really convenient way for players to store & transport their prized collections. We understand that a card collection can be a person's most prized possession or at least something very valuable to them. So, of course, it makes sense to protect your collection with a high-quality Pokemon cardholder, album, or binder that can store your full collection. The value of Pokemon cards, especially from the original base set, has soared over recent years. For full collections and individual rare holo cards, at Magic Madhouse, we stock an impressive collection of Pokemon-themed folders and binders designed to keep your cards safe, but also presentable. In an array of designs, ranging from original Pikachu designs to the latest XY and Sun & Moon expansion sets, there is something for everyone! The collector's folders and binders available at Magic Madhouse go from 4 pockets to 9 pockets, so you can find a perfect fit for your collection.