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Join the fight for survival with Lord of the Rings LCG at Magic Madhouse. With a terrible doom on the horizon, every encounter matters: The Dark Lord Sauron is growing in power, and the fate of Middle-earth's inhabitants lies in your hands. To survive, you must employ your heroes, gather your allies, and ready your attacks in a dangerous quest to survive evil. In Lord of the Rings LCG, cooperation is the key to victory. Work with friends to overcome evil encounters drawn from the deck and carve your route to victory. Each player must build a deck of at least 50 cards based on two to three Heroes of their choice. But be careful — every Hero boasts different stats, so choosing wisely is important to ensure you're prepared and ready to face the darkness. Once you have selected your Heros, you can fill out your hand with high-powered cards to aid your quest, including allies, weapons, attachment cards, and armour. The Lord of the Rings card game is the perfect way to experience your favourite franchise, and our collection at Magic Madhouse has something for everyone. Discover adventure packs and expansions and take your LOTR journey to new and unimaginable heights! Looking for more card games? We also stock Marvel Champions and Arkham Horror! Or, for more Lord of the Rings adventures, be sure to check out our Lord of the Rings games workshop collection.