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Loungefly crossbody bags are intricate works of fandom art that you can carry with you all day. A crossbody bag made in your favourite media franchise’s honour, allowing you to accessorise with the best fan wardrobe options available. Loungefly passionately creates new fashions for fans of Disney, Harry Potter, Marvel, Avatar, Pixar, and more every year. The crossbody bag is useful for its medium size allowing it to carry more than a standard purse, but still being petite enough to allow for all-day carrying. With longer straps, these bags are worn across the shoulder and chest, distributing weight equally and making them easy to carry. Many of the Loungefly crossbody bags available here come bundled with their purse or wallet counterparts, creating a perfect sense of style for you! Let your favourite characters and stories populate your wardrobe with these amazing cross body bags, or if you’re looking for something else in the Loungefly range check out their entire collection.