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Step through the shadows of Ravnica, a sprawling city where secrets slither through gilded halls and forgotten alleyways, and shadowy alliances whisper promises that reek of betrayal. In Ravnica: Clue Edition, the mystery is paramount, and victory demands a cunning mind and a strategic eye. Unravel the shocking circumstances surrounding a high-profile murder and expose the guilty party before they can escape justice!

Assume the role of a famed Planeswalker, each with unique investigative abilities and ties to Ravnica's powerful and secretive guilds. Explore iconic locations steeped in intrigue – the opulent halls of Vitu-Ghazi, where opulence masks deadly ambition, the shadowy undercity controlled by the Dimir, where secrets are a more valuable currency than coin, or the fiery forges of the Izzet League, where explosive discoveries could illuminate the darkest corners of this mystery. Masterfully navigate the shifting web of alliances and bitter rivalries, scrutinising every detail in the search for telltale hints and damning evidence.

Gather clues with cunning strategy, your mind a weapon against deception. Unearth potent magical artefacts, relics whispering of forgotten conspiracies, and question key individuals – frightened witnesses, tight-lipped suspects, and those whose loyalties shift with the wind. Eliminate suspects, deduce the lethal weapon, and discover the scene of the crime. It's a thrilling race against time, as your opponents are also closing in on the truth!

Ravnica: Clue Edition offers a unique twist on the classic Magic game. Utilise deduction, cunning manipulation, and a thorough knowledge of Ravnica's lore to outmanoeuvre your foes. Every accusation, each discarded clue, and every revelation brings you closer to the shocking answer.
Unravel the mysteries of Ravnica and claim victory as the master investigator. Sharpen your mind, gather your allies, and prepare to outwit your rivals. Will you be the one to piece together the truth and catch the culprit before it’s too late?