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Welcome to our dedicated Pokemon trading card game department here at Magic Madhouse; we’ve grown to become the leading retailer of trading cards and accessories for the world’s most popular games, and offer the largest selection of Pokemon cards and accessories available anywhere online. You can shop for Pokemon cards as singles,or for Pokemon booster packs and booster boxes. Pokemon cards were officially introduced in October 1996 in Japan after the success of the video game – and the collectable card game as grown astronomically since then, with over 9000 unique cards in circulation. To help you stay one step ahead of other trainers, Magic Madhouse have available a leading range of the latest Pokemon Booster Packs, Booster Boxes and special Card Tins to help you build the ultimate deck in order to challenge the elite. There are three main types of playable card, trainer cards, energy cards and of course, Pokemon cards, each with their own subsets and game mechanics. Each player has a deck of 60 Pokémon cards, a combination of the three functional card types above. Each of your Pokemon will have a designated type and a set amount of hit points, and will faint if your opponents has inflicted enough damage to reduce your Pokemon’s HP to zero.You’ll start with Basic Pokemon, which can deal out damage with an array of exciting attacks and techniques, which require you to attach a varying amount of energy cards to perform.