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Discover thrilling new ways to defeat your opponents with the Pokemon Sword and Shield Battle Styles release at Magic Madhouse. Boasting an epic new gameplay mechanic called Battle Styles, this exciting collection makes a fantastic addition to any Pokemon buffs set. The Pokemon Battle Styles release introduces two powerful new ways to elevate your playstyle and attack your opponents: Single Strike and Rapid Strike. Stun your opponents when they least expect it with high powered Single Strike Style cards, which allow you to conquer them in one nifty shot. Or, if you prefer more technical gameplay, steadily plot your way to victory with cunning blows and sneaky hits using Rapid Strike cards. The choice is yours. At Magic Madhouse, we have an exceptional choice of Pokemon Battle Styles cards for you to shop. Discover everything from Pokemon Battle Styles booster boxes, which contain 36 Battle Styles booster packs, to Pokemon Battle Style singles, Blister packs and Elite Trainer boxes. Looking to expand your Pokemon Sword and Shields collection further? We also stock the Chilling Reign, Evolving Skies, and Fusion Strikes collections, online at Magic Madhouse.