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Yu-Gi-Oh! structure decks are ready made decks which focus around a particular type of card, this is usually a certain type of strategy, attribute or character. Structure decks are designed to allow players to begin playing right out of the box, cutting out the need to build a battle-ready deck. In contrast to Starter Decks, which are more suitable for players just starting out with theYu-Gi-Oh! TCG, Structure decks are perfect either as a ready-to-play deck, or as a foundation for building a powerful competitive deck. Structure decks will typically contain a mixture of ultra rare, super rare & common cards which complement a certain specific playing style or strategy. Players can further establish this deck by substituting out certain cards to add their own through additional purchases of the same deck, to add their own twist to the gameplan. One of the main attractions of structure decks is that they introduce 5 new cards, some of which were only previously available in Japan. Magic Madhouse are a leading UK retailer of the official Yu-Gi-Oh! trading card game, and offer a wide selection of products at competitive online prices, including; booster packs, booster boxes.