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Hold onto your hats, Magic fans, and prepare for a wild ride through MTG Bloomburrow! In this release, bravery comes in all sizes, and the smallest critters pack the biggest punch. It's a land of vibrant landscapes, hidden dangers, and a clash of elemental forces that will shake the Multiverse.

Join forces with a menagerie of unlikely heroes – fearless mice, mystic frogs, cunning lizards, and determined squirrels – as they battle colossal beasts and strive to restore balance to Bloomburrow. Harness potent new mechanics like 'Companionship', rewarding you for teaming up with your most trusted allies and unleash the hidden power of 'Elemental Surge', turning the tide of battle with devastating natural forces.

Bloomburrow isn't just about survival but thriving against all odds. Draft decks buzzing with adorable yet ferocious creatures overflowing with tricks, enchantments, and strategies to overwhelm your foes. Discover breathtaking new artworks showcasing the vibrant world of Bloomburrow and its extraordinary inhabitants.

Whether you're a seasoned Magic veteran or a newcomer eager for a charming adventure, Bloomburrow offers thrilling gameplay, heartwarming bonds, and a unique blend of animal-powered mayhem and natural magic.

Gear up, choose your companions wisely, and prepare to embark on the most unforgettable journey through Bloomburrow! It's a world where the underdog's rule and anything is possible. Shop the MTG Bloomburrow collection now!