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Gather your crew and launch into action with the Starfinder RPG at Magic Madhouse. Set in an epic universe of science, fantasy, and action, Starfinder RPG is a roleplaying tabletop game in which players work together to complete their goals. Orbit the fantastical outskirts of a sci-fi reality in which every decision you make impacts your story. However, be careful – amongst the stars lies chaos and danger, so players must come together as one if they wish to complete their quest. In Starfinder RPG, each player must take on the role of a sci-fi hero of their choosing. However, you can customise your character to suit your playstyle, making each venture into the stars as unique as your crew. Combat your opponents with cutting-edge technology, logic and magic and take down terrible foes throughout space. Our collection offers everything you need to play Starfinder RPG to its fullest, from Starfinder Starter Sets which give you all the essentials, to expansion packs and flip-mats. Looking for more adventures? Head to our Dungeons and Dragons range for mythical adventures against wizards, beasts, and sorcerers!