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Discover the immersive world of March of the Machine Commander, a pivotal chapter in the Magic: The Gathering saga. Tailored for Commander enthusiasts, this set elevates strategic gameplay to an unprecedented level. Unleash your deck's power, beckoning formidable allies and masterful strategies. In this grand narrative, every planeswalker is pushed to their limits. Under Elesh Norn's command, the Machine Legion casts a daunting shadow across the Multiverse. It's a call to arms, challenging you to forge alliances and chart a path to triumph. Each March of the Machine Commander card weaves a tale of courage, deceit, and resilience. Stand with icons like Chandra, Teferi, and Esika, harnessing their abilities against the Phyrexian onslaught. This set reimagines the Commander experience, combining profound lore with complex strategies. Every turn unravels new possibilities, with hidden threats and unexpected allies. Outwit your foes, take command of your destiny, and fight for the Multiverse's fate. March of the Machine Commander is more than a game. It's a saga of skill, a testament to strategic prowess, and a battle for survival. Assemble your deck and embark on a journey where every decision can change the course of history. Are you prepared to leave your mark in Magic's annals? The time has come. March of the Machine Commander beckons.