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Step into a fantastical realm of limitless adventure with the Pathfinder Board Game at Magic Madhouse. Set in a rich world where anything is possible, players take on the roles of almighty explorers in a plight to uncover age-old mysteries and sought-after treasures. Discover a unique cast of highly customisable characters and face an assortment of problems, challenges, and opponents that increase in difficulty the longer you play. Will you be a bold and brave fighter, bursting onto the playing field, or a stealthy thief, silently taking out your enemies under the protection of darkness? Maybe you'll be an enchanting sorceress, bending the rules of reality to fit your agenda. The choice is yours! You can experience the best of the Pathfinder Board Game at Magic Madhouse. From Pathfinder Starter sets, which include everything you need to learn, play, and customise your characters, to exciting expansion packs that add new realities and narratives to your gameplay. Looking for more roleplaying action? At Magic Madhouse, we're proud to be home to a fantastic Dungeons & Dragons collection. Venture into new realms and adventures with our D&D roleplaying books and board and card games, or bring your tabletop experience to life with Wizkids Unpainted Miniatures. Your imagination is your limit!