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Welcome to our collection of official Pokémon Card tins here at Magic Madhouse, Pokémon tins are just one of many ways you can get your hands on official card releases across the most popular card sets. Pokémon collectors tins include a pre-designated holo promo card, a number of booster packs and as a superb extra, Pokémon TCG tins now include a code to redeem a 60-card strong deck for the Pokémon trading card game online. You'll find tins of BW Dragons Exalted, BW Next Destinies, Hidden Fates, Detective Pikachu, Platinum Supreme Victors, and much more. One of the most appealing features of a Pokémon gift tin is that each tin features an individual Pokémon in the form of a rare holographic card - this means that if you're looking to energise your collection and get your hands on one specific Pokémon card, a Pokémon collector's tin is just the ticket.