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Step into a realm of unparalleled excitement with Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur's Gate, the second instalment in the Commander series, masterfully tailored for draft-style gameplay. Prepare for an unforgettable multiplayer odyssey as Magic's most engaging format meets the legendary storytelling of Dungeons & Dragons.

As the curtain rises on the Time of Troubles—an epoch-defining moment in the Forgotten Realms history—Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur's Gate plunges you headlong into the enigmatic city under siege.

Join forces to combat the relentless assault by the infernal legions of Avernus and the malevolent Dead Three. You'll need to muster your courage, wit, and magical prowess to carve your own path through this gripping, action-packed saga. Will you emerge victorious or succumb to the darkness?

The return of Commander Draft allows you to build your own legendary character from the ground up, harnessing their unique abilities to outwit and conquer your foes. Unleash your imagination as you strategise, collaborate, and compete with fellow explorers, forging unbreakable bonds and intense rivalries in your quest to unravel the captivating tale that awaits you.

Forge your own destiny in this extraordinary crossover multiplayer adventure as you breathe life into iconic D&D characters, wield awe-inspiring spells and weave your way through the rich narrative tapestry.

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Embrace the call of adventure and join the epic battle for Baldur's Gate today!