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In the shadowy corners of Ravnica, a tale of mystery and magic unfolds. MTG: Murders at Karlov Manor invites players into a world where intrigue and strategy intertwine, creating a uniquely thrilling experience. Alquist Proft, Ravnica's greatest detective, faces a case that weaves through the city's tangled web of power and secrets. In this narrative-rich setting, players become part of an investigative team tasked with solving a string of enigmatic murders. As the plot thickens, each discovery leads players deeper into a labyrinth of suspense. The gameplay is a dance of wit and cunning. Here, every card drawn is a potential clue, and each strategy is a step towards uncovering the truth. The challenge is not only in finding the murderer but in navigating the intricate game mechanics that mirror the complexity of the case itself. Murders at Karlov Manor goes beyond the traditional card game format, allowing players to immerse themselves in a story that unfolds with each play. The narrative is crafted to engage players in the lore of Magic: The Gathering, while the gameplay mechanics ensure a depth that veterans and newcomers alike will appreciate. This release represents a bold evolution in the Magic: The Gathering universe, marrying captivating storytelling with the game's renowned tactical play. It's an invitation to explore the darker corners of Ravnica, where every move could be the key to solving the mystery or another step into peril. Are you ready to piece together the puzzle of Karlov Manor? The clues are in your hands, and the fate of Ravnica hangs in the balance.