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Here at Magic Madhouse we have the latest Pokémon collectors box sets from the most popular official sets. Pokémon are in full-swing celebrating their milestone 20th year since the incredibly successful releases of the original Red and Blue games. Nobody could have expected the response and long-lasting dominance that the franchise would go on to enjoy, and Pokémon has since grown to be amongst the most popular series of all time. To celebrate their 20th anniversary, Pokémon have released a number of exciting collection box sets, each focusing on one particular hallmark of the series. From Mega Gyarados, to mythical Pokémon including; Jirachi, Mewtwo, and Darkrai, the Pokémon collection box sets have something for everybody, and fans of the very first editions of the Pokémon games, as well as of the original base set will find something that appeals to them. Speaking of the base set, the Pokémon collection boxes also feature Pikachu, Blastoise, Charizard and Venusaur, offering to you the chance to get your hands on exclusive pins, promo cards and never before seen full-art cards. Pokémon box sets represent something a little different in the world of Pokémon card collecting, and would make for a perfect gift for any occasion. The cards included in these exceptional collection boxes will be limited edition, so make sure to get your hands on yours today!