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The veil between worlds is lifting, and something evil is rising in the darkness. Faced against dreadful creatures from beyond space and time, it's up to you and your teammates to combine your skills and protect the city from ruin. Ideal for horror and mystery lovers alike, Arkham Horror Card Game is a survival horror mission in which players investigate mysteries and reveal forgotten truths. Search for clues and battle unforgiving monsters, all whilst the forces of evil are hot on your heels! The Arkham Horror Card Game is the perfect multiplayer experience – and it's constantly evolving with more thrilling releases! Choose from a cast of ambitious investigators, each with their unique backstory, skills, and accessories, and navigate the darkness as dimensional gates open up across the city. Our collection offers everything you need to explore this treacherous universe in its entirety. Just starting? Shop our Core Sets and Starter Decks and dive headfirst into the quest to save humanity. We also stock expansion packs, so you can take your adventures into thrilling new directions and experience the best of Arkham Horror at Magic Madhouse! Looking for more horror card games? We also stock Dark Souls, Pandemic, and Gloomhaven!