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Gather your posse and get ready for high-stakes mayhem! MTG Outlaws of Thunder Junction Commander takes that thrilling Wild West showdown and amps it up for epic multiplayer duels. Choose your side in the Outlaw vs. Outlaw conflict, assemble a band of legendary villains, and prepare to outwit, outshoot, and out-scheme your rivals.

Each preconstructed Commander deck comes loaded with a notorious Planeswalker at the helm, ready to lead your gang on a wild adventure across Thunder Junction. Choose your outlaw leader wisely – their unique abilities will shape your strategy and lead you down the path of conquest or betrayal. Unleash their formidable abilities alongside a collection of desperados, potent artefacts, and spells that embody the spirit of the Wild West. Master innovative mechanics like Saddle Up and Plot to manipulate the battlefield and seize those fleeting moments of advantage.

MTG Outlaws of Thunder Junction Commander delivers the perfect blend of chaos and strategy for unforgettable multiplayer matches. It's a chance to step into the boots of infamous figures from across the Multiverse, unleash their devastating powers, and play a cutthroat game where alliances are made to be broken. Newcomers will find an exciting entry point into the Commander format, while veterans will uncover treasures in a set packed with powerful card combinations.

So, lock and load, partner! It's time to gather your crew, choose your legend, and stake your claim on the riches of Thunder Junction in the ultimate MTG Commander experience!