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Leap through history and strike from the shadows! The worlds of Magic: The Gathering and Assassin's Creed collide in this unprecedented crossover set. MTG Universes Beyond: Assassin's Creed transports you to the mysterious world of the Brotherhood, immersing you in centuries-old conflicts and conspiracies.

Harness the ancient powers of the Animus and relive pivotal moments in the Creed's struggle against the Templars. Experience the thrill of rooftop chases, daring raids, and the iconic leaps of faith that define the Assassin's Way.

Draft decks overflowing with agility, misdirection, and cataclysmic card combos. Uncover powerful artefacts of the past, recruit legendary Assassins like Ezio and Altaïr, and master potent new mechanics inspired by the series.

But beware - danger lurks around every corner. Powerful Templar Orders vie for control, their own machinations poised to change the course of history. Will you join the Assassin Brotherhood and fight for freedom, or will you fall prey to the Templar's seductive promises of order?

MTG Universes Beyond: Assassin's Creed delivers a historical adventure unlike any other. Explore the past, execute the perfect plan, and shape the future of the Multiverse. Hone your skills, sharpen your blade, and prepare to join the fight for freedom that's raged across the ages. Shop the collection today!