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The Age of Darkness has begun, and the Imperium is in chaos! The armies of Horus march relentlessly across the stars, seeking to bring about the downfall of humanity. But Horus' ambitions are not limited to conquering the galaxy - he aims to overthrow the Emperor Himself! As war rages across space, brave warriors take up arms for either side in a fight for ultimate supremacy.

It's a time of heroes and villains alike, of epic battles and legendary deeds that will shape the galaxy's fate forever. Only one side can emerge victorious from the Horus Heresy. Prepare for war! Rally your forces, allies and champions to join in this great struggle. Choose your faction, master ancient technology secrets, and bring about victory for your chosen cause! The fate of mankind hangs in the balance - it's time to make your mark in the Age of Darkness!

At Magic Madhouse, we stock an incredible range of models and accessories for Warhammer: The Horus Heresy. Take command of your own forces with our range of highly detailed miniatures and tanks, perfect for recreating the battles of this momentous conflict. We also carry a variety of game aids and accessories to help you on your way. We have everything you need, from books and terrain pieces to paints and faction dice to bring your battles to life.

So get ready to join the fight and be part of history. The Age of Darkness awaits. Will you prevail? Fight on!