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Get ready for a blast from the past and a wild leap into the future, Magic fans! Modern Horizons 3 is here, bringing a whole multiverse of mayhem straight to your tabletop. This set is your ticket to the ultimate Modern showdown, armed with revered strategies and unexpected new possibilities.

Dive back into the thrilling strategies of Magic's history, perfectly reimagined for the Modern format. Witness the return of legendary characters, their abilities updated for an exhilarating new era of play. But the thrilling journey doesn't stop there – get ready for mind-bending mechanics, hilarious new strategies, and extraordinary cards that'll turn Modern on its head. Discover double-faced cards that offer a fresh twist on familiar favourites and mechanics so innovative they'll make your jaw drop.

Whether you're a seasoned Modern veteran or a newcomer eager to experience the format's thrilling power, this set delivers the goods. Expand your collection with must-have reprints, draft the most creative decks imaginable, and design your own slice of Magic history.

Modern Horizons 3 is where the power of the past meets the limitless potential of the future. It's a rollercoaster ride through fan favourites and fresh surprises. So strap in, hold on tight, and prepare for the most unforgettable Modern experience imaginable!