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Feel the ground tremble, and the air fills with suspense as Magic: The Gathering brings to life the awe-inspiring might of Jurassic World. This compelling collection fuses the primaeval grandeur of Jurassic World with the tactical complexity of MTG, offering an unparalleled thrill to both MTG enthusiasts and Jurassic World fans. Embark on an adventure of ancient proportions as you navigate a landscape where dinosaurs reign supreme. The MTG Universes Beyond: Jurassic World Collection features meticulously crafted cards, each portraying the raw power and majestic beauty of these prehistoric titans. This set stands as a tribute to the intricate artistry and imagination invested in marrying these two extraordinary realms, offering a harmonious blend of natural history and fantasy. Strategise with a primal intensity as you summon the colossal creatures that once roamed the Earth. Whether you're unleashing the ferocious T-Rex or harnessing the cunning intelligence of the Velociraptors, every card in your deck echoes the survival instincts and predatory prowess of these primordial beasts. The game mechanics are ingeniously tailored to reflect the essence of Jurassic World, turning each duel into a thrilling encounter of wits and raw power. With the MTG Universes Beyond: Jurassic World collection, every draw from your deck, every strategy devised, becomes a step into an exhilarating journey that intertwines the ancient world with mystical battles. Arm your deck and immerse yourself in the extraordinary. The prehistoric world awaits your mastery. Are you ready to awaken the giants and command their might?