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Step into the TARDIS and prepare to planeswalk like never before with MTG Universes Beyond: Doctor Who. This exhilarating fusion of two iconic worlds combines the strategic depth of MTG with the rich lore of Doctor Who, offering fans an unparalleled gaming experience. Venture into new dimensions with specially crafted cards featuring beloved characters, iconic gadgets, and unforgettable moments from the Doctor Who series. With MTG Universes Beyond: Doctor Who, the game's creators have once again showcased their commitment to innovation and creativity. Each card is a testament to the meticulous design work and careful thought that went into merging these two universes, creating a seamless blend of fantasy and science fiction. Strategise in fresh ways with dynamic game mechanics that leverage the show's diverse array of enemies and allies. From battling Daleks to thwarting Cybermen, you'll be on the edge of your seat as you traverse strange and uncharted realms. Whether you're a Time Lord navigating inter-dimensional travel or a celebrated Planeswalker casting formidable spells, the possibilities are boundless, the battles epic, and the alliances legendary. So, brace yourself for an epic journey that transcends the boundaries of traditional gameplay. With MTG Universes Beyond: Doctor Who, every card drawn, tactic devised, and move made is a step into a thrilling adventure that spans universes. Seize is your opportunity to be part of a story that intertwines fantasy and science fiction in a unique, captivating way. Ready your deck, and embrace the extraordinary. The universes are waiting. Are you prepared to explore them?