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Saddle up for MTG Outlaws of Thunder Junction, the thrilling Wild West showdown you've been waiting for. This Magic set unleashes a stampede of notorious villains from across the Multiverse, converging on this dusty frontier plane for riches untold. Join forces with the cunning outlaw Oko and his gang as they execute a heist that could shake the foundations of the entire Multiverse.

Rumour has it an ancient vault lies hidden in Thunder Junction, overflowing with treasures ripe for the taking. But every outlaw worth their salt wants in on the action, including Oko's estranged son, Kellan. Buckle up for family feuds, double-crossings, and a thrilling Outlaws vs. Outlaws showdown to decide who will claim the ultimate prize.

Outlaws of Thunder Junction delivers a whole new bag of tricks for seasoned Magic players and newcomers alike. Wrangle trusty Mounts for daring escapes, and unleash the full potential of the Plot mechanic to turn the tides in your favour. Draft decks overflowing with desperados, magical artefacts, and maybe even a card or two that will literally let you get away with murder.

Whether you're a hardened veteran or a greenhorn just getting your spurs, Outlaws of Thunder Junction welcomes you to the wildest, most unpredictable ride in the Multiverse. So, what are you waiting for? It's time to break the law, gamble for glory, and make your mark on the history of Magic: The Gathering!