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Welcome to the wondrous world of Middle-Earth! From the sweeping, epic landscapes of The Shire to the mighty castle of Minas Tirith and beyond, explore a realm that has captivated audiences for generations. For those already familiar with the lore of J.R.R Tolkien's beloved fantasy world, the Middle-Earth Strategy Battle Game brings all of your favourite characters, locations and stories to life on a miniature scale. Assemble and paint your own armies of warriors, elves or orcs and recreate iconic battles from the saga. Bring the strategy of battle to your tabletop, and make sure you come out victorious! This game offers exciting, adaptable rules, ideal for players of all ages and skill levels. Choose from a wide range of factions, each with its own unique abilities and specialities. Engage in skirmish games between two small forces or field an entire army for massive battles. The possibilities are truly endless. MESBG is easy to learn but offers a deep tactical depth for seasoned tabletop veterans. There are many different options available when constructing your army, so you can customise it to fit your play style or strategy. Start your Middle-Earth journey today and get ready to experience the world of Tolkien like never before. With its stunning miniatures, multiple scenarios and tactical options, the Middle-Earth Strategy Battle Game is an exciting adventure that will keep you entertained for hours. Magic Madhouse is proud to offer a wide selection of Middle-Earth Strategy Battle Game products. Whether you're a veteran of tabletop miniatures games or just starting out, you'll find everything you need right here. We have everything from starter sets, rulebooks and miniatures to terrain, paint and accessories. So come join in the epic rivalry between Gandalf's Hosts of the West and Sauron's legions of evil; The fate of Middle-Earth is in your hands!