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The Brothers' War Commander collection is a must-have for fans of Magic the Gathering's rich and immersive lore. This selection of cards centres around the epic conflict known as the Brothers' War, which took place on the plane of Dominaria and pitted two brothers, Urza and Mishra, against each other in a struggle for power and control.

Featuring the iconic characters, creatures and locations from the war, this set of cards allows you to bring your own epic battles to life. With a wide range of powerful spells and strategies at your fingertips, you can build a formidable deck to outwit your opponents. Whether you're an experienced player or new to Magic the Gathering, the Brothers' War Commander collection is the perfect way to explore this thrilling saga.

As you delve deeper into the lore of Magic the Gathering, you'll discover powerful artefacts and legendary spells that have made a lasting impression on the game since its inception. Revisit classic cards from the early days of Magic, such as Mishra's War Machine and Urza's Tower, and explore new cards that bring fresh perspectives on the conflict.

If you're a fan of the Commander format and are looking to add the Brothers' War collection to your arsenal of cards, Magic Madhouse has you covered. With a massive selection of cards from this series, including rare and hard-to-find editions, you can build the ultimate Commander deck and experience the Brothers' War like never before.

Are you ready to command your forces and reign victorious? With powerful cards and unforgettable characters, this set is sure to provide hours of thrilling entertainment. Start your journey today and shape the fate of Dominaria!