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Welcome to our full range of Pokémon card booster packs here at Magic Madhouse, where we’ve got the very latest Pokémon trading cards available to buy in handy booster packs. We’ve all got those amazing memories of tearing into a booster pack as kids in the playground, anxiously flipping through each card to find that elusive shiny, or a card to complete our own card-based Pokédex. You can experience the same thrill with our official Pokémon booster packs from the most popular Pokémon sets. Pokémon booster packs contain cards of a variety of types and rarities, the exact number of cards you’ll receive in your booster back depends on the card set - the original base set booster packs contain 11 cards (7 commons, 3 commons and the eagerly-anticipated rare card), and the more recent Diamond and Pearl trading card releases now contain a mix of 10 cards (5 commons, 3 uncommons, 1 refractor foil and 1 rare card).