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Give the perfect gift to the ultimate fan of Disney, Marvel, Harry Potter, Star Wars, and more! Loungefly backpacks are a perfect way to showcase your fandom faves. Bringing California style to the drab UK, Loungefly make backpacks that are collector pieces and show off your love for your fandom. Having become somewhat of a collector’s piece, Loungefly bags are high-quality yet still affordable fashion options that allow you to represent your own style. Founded in 1998, today Loungefly is a global style icon that is a popular choice among every fandom. These highly collectable backpacks are designed to really show off your favourite characters and shows. Whether you’re brand new to Loungefly or a newbie, you’ll find something you like here. Shop our full collection of Loungefly backpacks and bags today, and discover unique designs that you will fall in love with. Whether you’re looking for a new bag or purse, we have it all available.