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Something evil is stirring in the distance – are you brave enough to investigate? Find out with Call of Cthulhu, a Lovecraftian tabletop game where you unravel horror-filled mysteries in a plight for survival. Players take on the role of everyday people, each with their unique backstory, skills, and beliefs, and uncover unfathomable truths long-hidden from humanity. However, the more you uncover, the more madness ensues. You and your teammates must work together to stop sinister cults and terrifying monsters from completing their quest. Call of Cthulhu RPG is not your average horror, so forget about familiar figures, time-worn tropes, and cliched monsters. This Lovecraftian game takes you to the darkest corners of your imagination and forces you to confront the things you fear the most. With our collection, you can experience Call of Cthulhu at its best. From Call of Cthulhu starter sets to handbooks and expansions, you can find everything you need to dive headfirst into darkness at Magic Madhouse. Looking for more horror-filled games to fuel your nightmares? At Magic Madhouse, we stock a wide range of gothic tabletop adventures, including Arkham Horror, Dark Souls, and Zombicide. Shop it all at Magic Madhouse and enjoy free UK shipping on orders over £30!