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Become a master detective in the shadowy world of Ravnica with Murders at Karlov Manor Commander! This thrilling Magic: the Gathering expansion weaves a chilling narrative of intrigue and cunning directly into the dynamic Commander format. Join Ravnica's finest investigator, Alquist Proft, as you unravel a series of mysterious murders plaguing the elite.

Murders at Karlov Manor Commander emphasises player interaction and deduction in the multiplayer Commander setting. Outsmart your opponents, collect clues, unmask hidden motives, and manipulate the battlefield to bring the culprit to justice. Choose your approach carefully: will you stir up chaos with a deck built around suspicion and forced attacks, harness the power of clues and investigation, manipulate hidden identities, or command the shadows with graveyard strategies?

This unique Commander experience offers thrilling new mechanics and a captivating storyline that will keep both seasoned veterans and curious newcomers on the edge of their seats. Expand your Commander arsenal and delve into a world of strategy, secrets, and suspense with Murders at Karlov Manor Commander.

Uncover the mysteries of Karlov Manor with Magic Madhouse today; will you be the detective to solve the mystery, or will your own schemes lead to victory in this thrilling multiplayer format? Shop our collection now!