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Are you ready for "One last Stand"? MTG March of the Machine TCG is the culmination of a storyline that has been building for years, and it's set to be the biggest battle in Magic history. The Phyrexians are on the move and coming for every plane in the Multiverse. The Machine Legion, led by the fearsome Elesh Norn, is the tip of the spear in this invasion, and it's up to you to stop them. The stakes couldn't be higher. The fate of the Multiverse hangs in the balance, and it's time for every planeswalker to put their differences aside and come together in a united front. You'll need all the help you can get to turn the tide of this war. Team up with legendary characters from across the planes, including Chandra, Baral, Thalia, Quintorius, Teferi, Dina, Esika and more, to face off against hordes of Phyrexians and emerge victorious. This release promises to be the most thrilling and immersive yet, with the whole Multiverse struggling for survival. You'll need to plan, strategise, and fight with everything you have to overcome this formidable foe. The battle will be fierce, but the rewards will be great. Take your Magic game to the next level with MTG March of the Machine TCG and Magic Madhouse, the ultimate source for all things Magic. As the leading retailer of Magic cards in the UK, Magic Madhouse has everything you need to be a part of this epic battle. So what are you waiting for? Be the hero the Multiverse needs, and add the MTG March of the Machine to your collection today. It's time to step into the fight of your life and take your place among the greatest planeswalkers of all time.