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Can you survive the undead? Discover your fate with the Zombicide board game, a collaborative game in which players join the fight for their lives against hordes of blood-curdling zombies. Every player takes on the role of a vengeful survivor, each armed with unique special abilities to help you survive your adventures. However, in the realm of the undead, fate favours teamwork – so players must combine their skills and work together if they want to get out alive. With more zombies than bullets available, the Zombicide board game is not for the faint of heart. And the more zombies you kill, the more crawl out of the woodwork – so be ready for the unexpected. Will you sacrifice yourself to the undead? Or, will you and your teammates complete your quests as one? There's only one way to find out. The Zombicide collection at Magic Madhouse is filled with thrilling adventures. Discover a horde of scenarios, maps, and storylines and battle the undead with your friends and family! Looking for more board games? We also stock Dark Souls, Pandemic, and Gloomhaven!