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Are you a champion in the making? Prove your worth with the Pokémon Champion's Path release at Magic Madhouse. Featuring 80 high powered cards for you to take advantage of, the Pokémon Champion's Path collection is the perfect excuse to hone your skills and showcase your unique game mastery. However, Champion's Path is not for the faint-hearted. Find yourself face to face with some of the strongest trainers the Galar region has to offer, including Hop, Barnie, Mede and Sonia, and duel your way to victory with your Pokemon by your side. The Pokémon Champions Path collection at Magic Madhouse has something for everyone. Alongside an impressive selection of rare and ultra-rare singles, holos and rainbow cards, we also offer the Pokémon Champions Path Booster Box for you to shop. Or, if you're looking to fully immerse yourself in all this release has to offer, why not check out the ultimate Pokémon Champion's Path Elite Trainer Box, which will provide you with everything you need to defeat your opponents and be the champion of your fate. At Magic Madhouse, we pride ourselves on stocking the best that Pokémon offers. Shop our full range of Pokémon Sets for more epic releases, including Chilling Reign, Evolving Skies, and Fusion Strikes, available to shop online.