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Unleash your creativity with Wizkids Unpainted Miniatures at Magic Madhouse. Primed, prepped and ready to paint straight out of the box, Wizkids Unpainted Miniatures are the perfect way to bring your favourite characters and adventures to life. Choose from an assembly of incredibly detailed creatures and warriors, including popular D&D Miniatures unpainted figures, and bring your stamp of personality to the tabletop! Our Wizkids and D&D Miniatures Unpainted figures collection is perfect for Dungeons and Dragons gamers with an artistic flair. Paint and primp your favourite characters to perfection and add something truly original to your library. Our range of D&D miniatures unpainted figures offers an impressive choice of creatures and characters, including figures from Wizkid's earliest and most recent release waves. And with a host of character variations to shop, including basic and advanced versions of your favourite Dungeons and Dragons creatures, the Wizkids unpainted miniatures collection has something for every collector! Looking to experience more Dungeons and Dragons? Our D&D collection is the perfect place to dive headfirst into your favourite realms. Shop everything from board and card games to roleplaying books at Magic Madhouse.