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My Hero Academia is an action-packed, heartwarming tale about growing up, becoming a hero, and beating the odds. It follows Izuku Midoriya, an ordinary boy with no "quirks" who dreams of becoming the world's greatest hero. He soon meets his idol, All Might, one of the most powerful heroes in Japan, who chooses him to be his successor. Izuku's extraordinary journey begins as he attends the prestigious U.A. High School, where he meets and competes with some of the most outstanding young heroes in training.

My Hero Academia has quickly become one of the most popular anime around, and with good reason. The story is engaging, the action is thrilling, and the characters are incredibly likeable. Now, with My Hero Academia CCG, you can bring the action to your tabletop.

My Hero Academia CCG features dynamic, fast-paced combat with loads of customisation options. Build powerful decks featuring characters from all over the My Hero Academia universe and challenge your friends to some intense card battles! With its intuitive rules, fast gameplay, and easy-to-learn mechanics, My Hero Academia CCG is perfect for any new or veteran player looking for an exciting game experience.

Magic Madhouse has all the cards you need for your My Hero Academia CCG deck, from booster packs to theme decks. Re-enact some of the most iconic scenes from the anime, take on powerful opponents and put your strategy skills to the test. Whether you're a fan of the series or a card game enthusiast, this game combines the best of both worlds. So get ready to harness your power and unleash your inner Hero.

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