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Affiliate Program

Affiliate Marketing

Why join our affiliate programme?

We understand affiliate marketing, we know that success comes from mutually beneficial partnerships. We don’t validate sales against other marketing channels and we protect partners from on-site tools and other activity that can cannibalise your traffic using ‘soft-cookies’.

We know that a strong conversion rate, solid average order value and wide audience are important for many partners when looking for new advertisers, we want to grow and we want partners that bring genuine value to the business.

  • We are looking for partners in any vertical!
  • 30-day cookie policy.
  • Full set of creative, including banners and text links.
  • Full product feed, updated 4 times per day using Google Shopping format (CSV and XML).
  • Strong website conversion rate and huge range of products.

What can I earn as a Magic Madhouse partner?

We don’t pay out a CPA on rejected or cancelled sales but everything else we pay! We also don’t have a limit to what our partners can earn, the sky's the limit! Every sale you generate you earn a percentage of the product value. We regularly check transactions and ensure our payment models are as fast as possible, the only delay is during our returns period.

What restrictions do I have as a Magic Madhouse partner?

We don’t allow any form of paid advertising on our brand name or derivatives of (including misspellings). If you feel as though paid advertising on our brand would add significant value to your offering please contact our team, on rare occasions we may offer this activity but only after careful consultation with our partners.

Get in touch!

Our account is managed by the team at Visualsoft, if you’d like to discuss any aspect of the campaign (from billing to applications) please contact Naveed via email at