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Games Workshop has been keeping us entertained with its immersive boxed games since 1975. And, as online gaming continues to rise, there's still something special about getting your hands on a physical box filled with miniatures and accessories, ready to build, paint and battle. From classics like Warhammer 40K and Age of Sigmar to more recent releases such as Necromunda and Kill Team, the Games Workshop range available at Magic Madhouse has something for everyone. With a variety of themes and play styles available, you're guaranteed to find something that suits your taste and experience level. Whether you're looking for a quick skirmish or a full-on campaign, these tabletop games will provide hours of entertainment. With a range of miniatures, terrain pieces and scenery to choose from, you can create your own battlefields and forge the perfect army. Each Games Workshop boxed game is crafted with playability in mind, boasting detailed miniatures, comprehensive rulebooks and expansive playing fields. High-quality components and artwork, unique battle scenarios, and exciting narrative elements combine to create an unforgettable gaming experience. Here at Magic Madhouse, we've handpicked some of Games Workshop's most popular boxed games and put them all in one place. So whether you're an experienced tabletop strategist or an eager beginner, you're sure to find a game that will capture your imagination and keep you enthralled for hours on end. Check out our boxed game selection today, and prepare for an epic adventure of strategy and skill! Happy gaming!