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Loyalty Scheme - What you need to know.

Loyalty scheme FAQ

How do I sign up to join your loyalty scheme?
All you need to do is simply create an account with us and you are automatically enrolled, click here to sign up!

How much is it to enter the scheme?
Absolutely nothing! Our loyalty scheme is completely free.

How do I earn points?
You can earn points in a variety of ways, including earning 1 point on every £1 you spend!

How do I check my points or redeem a voucher?
Simply click here which will take you to our loyalty page, where you can check your points balance and turn any points you may have into vouchers!

Does the voucher work on all products?
Yes! You can spend the voucher that you redeem on any product that we sell on our website!

How long do my points last?
You have 18 months to spend your points, we will let you know when your points expire so that you can redeem any vouchers that you have earned.

I used the guest checkout when placing my order, can I get the points added to my account?
Unfortunately we can only register the points to your account if you sign in before checking out.