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Dive into the fun-filled world of collectables with our exciting Funko Pop Vinyl Advent Calendars. More than just a countdown to Christmas, these calendars combine the joy of the holiday season with the excitement of collecting your favourite pop culture characters.

Each Funko Pop Vinyl Advent Calendar features 24 distinct mini vinyl figures hidden behind individual doors, adding a layer of anticipation and joy to each day of the holiday season. Designed with care, these figures capture the minute details of each character, making them a perfect treat for any fan.

Our collection covers a wide range of popular themes. From the spellbinding corridors of Hogwarts and the galactic expanses of Star Wars, to the heroic enclaves of Marvel and the whimsical lands of Disney, there is a Funko Pop Vinyl Advent Calendar tailored to every fandom. These calendars do more than just countdown to Christmas; they create unforgettable experiences and lasting memories.

Each vinyl figure is crafted to perfection, capturing the essence of the character it represents in a delightful, pocket-sized form. These calendars serve as a magnificent centrepiece for the holiday season or a superb addition to any growing Funko collection.

Engage in the festive tradition of advent with a twist of pop culture, and let the Funko Pop Vinyl Advent Calendar fill your holiday season with wonder, excitement, and a touch of collectable magic.

Discover our range of Funko Pop Vinyl Advent Calendars today, and create a memorable holiday experience for yourself and your loved ones.