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The Amonkhet MTG expansion set kicks off the Amonkhet block, and is the 74th MTG expansion in the series. Shop through our complete selection of the latest Amonkhet cards, including; singles, booster packs and booster boxes. It’s time for you to rise among the worthy. Amonkhet is a large expansion set which kicks off the wider Amonkhet block; introducing an exciting story based on the plane which bears the name of the set. This is the 74th official MTG set, and is set to feature a plethora of ferocious new characters and mesmerising environments, such as the desert oasis, home to fearsome warriors who spend their life training in anticipation of the return of the great God Pharaoh. Amonkhet features 269 all-new cards, which you can purchase through purchasing singles, as well as Amonkhet: booster boxes, booster packs and repacks; enabling you to quickly build a tournament legal deck from this set. You can shop for even more releases from the Amonkhet block here with us at Magic Madhouse; home of the world’s largest online MTG store. You may also wish to explore our MTG deck boxes, Ultra Pro card sleeves and playmats, designed to keep your Amonkhet magic cards in playable condition.