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Battle for Zendikar lets you immerse yourself once again in the mystical plane of Zendikar. Follow planeswalker Gideon Jura as he battles the ferocious and monstrous Eldrazi. Zendikar has always been an unstable plane due to the unsteady weather, but the floating and dynamic terrain was once something of great beauty before it was ravaged by the Eldrazi, filled with legendary creatures such as Anowon, Emrakul and Kozilek. Magic: The Gathering Battle for Zendikar consists of 274 new cards (including 25 land cards as opposed to the traditional 20), and kicks off the start of the two-block paradigm, soon to be followed by Oath of the Gatewatch. We stock the full catalogue of Magic: The Gathering Battle for Zendikar singles, along with booster packs and booster boxes at competitive prices. At Magic Madhouse we are a devote collector and seller of official Magic The Gathering packs and individual cards, with the latest sets readily and easily available for you. Played by over 10 million people around the world MTG has for many years been the most popular and most loved trading card game on the planet; so if it's for battling or you're just an avid collector we've got the every set of MTG available for you at Magic Madhouse. Why not take advantage of our free UK delivery at Magic Madhouse to add to your already impressive collection with the latest MTG releases such as Battle For Zendikar Much like the other MTG sets available at Magic Madhouse, our selection of the latest Battle for Zendikar set has everything you need, from booster boxes and packs to single cards. Battle for Zendikar has brought the latest in stunning artwork from MTG from truly unique artists, designs which will look incredible in your arsenal of MTG cards. To add to your collection, why not explore our range of official MTG Zendikar cards.