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The glaciers are melting, the land is recovering, and all seems well in the land of Terisiare. However, a secret society of mages has anything but peace on their agenda. Join MTG’s most chilling power struggle with MTG Coldsnap at Magic Madhouse. Filled with icy magic, freezing encounters and treacherous enchantments, Magic the Gathering Coldsnap is not for the faint of heart. Harness the power of angels, yeti’s and various other legendary creatures and combat your opponents with an entire library of chilling spells and magic. Magic the Gathering Coldsnap consists of 155 black-bordered cards, all of which you can shop at Magic Madhouse. Shop Magic Coldsnap singles and foils at competitive prices and build up your collection today. Looking to shop a different collection? At Magic Madhouse, you can discover a range of MTG Sets. Discover everything from classic fan-favourite decks to MTG’s latest releases and enhance your collection today.