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Here at Magic Madhouse, we’re proud to offer the exclusive Magic the Gathering Double Masters collection. Released in 2021, this influential collection is filled to the brim with powerful reprints, sought after fan-favourites and some of the most feared cards to exist in MTG history. Discover a plethora of treasured artefacts, mythic legends and more and unleash devastation like no other on your opponents. Our Double Masters MTG range is available for you to shop today. Browse the full Double Masters release for singles and foils to enhance your existing deck. Or, you can find the limited-run VIP Double Masters Booster Pack and Box release for foil rares, mythic rares, exclusive borderless foils and more. Looking for a different set? Shop our wider range of MTG sets today, which includes the MTG Green Collection, Commander Legends, Innistrad: Midnight Hunt, and more.