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March 27 2015, saw the release of the highly-anticipated ‘Dragons of Tarkir’, M:TG card set, rounding off the Khans of Tarkir expansion block. The storyline follows directly on from Fate Reforged, as Sarkhan Vol’s actions in the past to change the fate of Tarkir, resulted in the present day Tarkir being ruled by ferocious dragon clans. Dragons of Tarkir is populated by more dragons than ever before, giving you even more opportunity to control the rulers of the Tarkir sky. Players will finally get their hands on the 264 cards that belong to this block, including ‘randomly inserted premium’ foil cards, a highlight of any trading card game pack. Three new gaming mechanics will be joining ‘Bolster’ and Dash’, which are making their return from Fate Reforged. Magic Madhouse can provide you with official cards from the Dragons of Tarkir set in the form of singles, booster packs and booster boxes, in addition to special releases such as event decks and pre-release packs. Get your hands on the most sought after cards from this MTG set today.