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Embrace the darkness with Eldritch Moon as the nightmarish battle continues from where the Shadows of Innistrad left off. With the death of Avacyn, Innistrad’s archangel, the hope of humanity has all but faded with the fall of the last of Innistrad’s protective forces. Emrakul continues to twist and transform the inhabitants of Innistrad into unimaginable Eldrazi horrors, consuming all those with the misfortune to cross its path. Eldritch Moon, the 71st expansion set of the Magic: The Gathering TCG, illustrates the struggle between Nahiri, who has summoned the monstrous titan Emrakul; and the unlikely team of Jace Beleren and Liliana Vess. The Eldritch Moon Magic expansion features 205 all-new cards, including; 74 commons, 70 uncommons, 47 rares and 14 mythic rares - opening up worlds of possibilities for the most cunning of players. Familiar MTG mechanics remain available throughout Eldritch Moon, and players have the freedom to utilise Madness, Transform, Skulk and Delirium throughout their decks. The fate of Innistrad rests entirely within the shadows - will the titan of corruption force the demise of all of Innistrad’s inhabitants, or will Jace Beleren, backed by the Gatewatch, and Liliana Vess flanked by hordes of undead immune fend off the onslaught We offer the very latest Eldritch Moon MTG cards available online, you can choose from booster packs and booster boxes, single cards, as well as Eldritch Moon decks at competitive online prices.